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Ottawa Cultural Alliance

Collectively advancing Ottawa as a vibrant, cultural capital city

Ottawa’s cultural sector contributes greatly to our city’s economy and our enviable quality of life. The Ottawa Cultural Alliance works collaboratively to strategically address shared opportunities and challenges to further advance the sector’s success. Members of the Alliance have collaborated for many years to advance cultural priorities in the City of Ottawa. In spring 2015, as we advocated for completion of the City of Ottawa’s Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Culture and Heritage in Ottawa (2013-18), the groups agreed to acknowledge this activity by giving our collaboration a formal name.

The Alliance comprises umbrella organizations that collectively serve as the voice for this vibrant sector, including: Capital Heritage Connexion (CHC|CPC), Heritage Ottawa, Ottawa Arts Council, Arts Network Ottawa, Ottawa Festivals Network, Ottawa Museum Network and Ottawa Music Industry Coalition.

Collective Advocacy in 2024

Ottawa Rural Summit 2024

At the City Council Meeting on December 14, 2022, Councillor Kelly brought forward a motion regarding the City of Ottawa hosting a Rural Summit. The objective of Rural Summit 2024 is to recommend improvements to the provision of the City of Ottawa services to residents and communities of rural Ottawa. The Rural Summit will address issues that are of specific interest to rural residents, rural businesses, and other stakeholders. It is currently set to take place in November 2024.

CHC and the other members of the Ottawa Cultural Alliance want to ensure the arts, culture and heritage community is represented and included at this summit as the cultural sector is an integral part of Ottawa’s rural communities.

There are multiple ways to engage in this process and advocate for the cultural sector’s inclusion in the Rural Summit:

We hope you will join us in calling for the cultural sectors’ inclusion in Rural Summit 2024 and please share this message with any organizations, stakeholders, businesses or residents of Ottawa’s rural wards who you think might be interested in supporting this initiative.








Ottawa Cultural Alliance Members:
Capital Heritage Connexion
Heritage Ottawa
Ottawa Arts Council
Arts Network Ottawa
Ottawa Festivals Network
Ottawa Museum Network
Ottawa Music Industry Coalition

Ottawa Cultural Alliance