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Louise & Eric Moore Award

Louise & Eric Moore Award for Outstanding Heritage Volunteerism

Louise Moore accepting the inaugural Louise & Eric Moore Award at Heritage Day 2020.

Volunteers play a critical role on many fronts across our diverse and impactful heritage sector.  I was reminded of that in speaking with Louise Moore last year.  Louise’s husband, Eric, had recently passed away and bequeathed a donation to us.

Both Louise and Eric were dedicated volunteers at our past Bytown Days and Heritage Day events—warmly greeting and orienting participants and the public in French and English.

Born in the UK Lake District, Eric served on our Board from 2005-2007 and also volunteered with the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa for 25 years and with Friends of the Ottawa Public Library.

A former Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada employee, on retirement, he served as a volunteer president of the Friends of the Central Experimental Farm for 7 years, and on the CEF advisory council.  Louise too volunteered with the Friends of the Farm since their beginning.

At Heritage Day in 2020, the Capital Heritage Connexion presented the inaugural Louise & Eric Moore Award for Outstanding Heritage Volunteerism to Louise Moore.

-Catherine Lindquist, Executive Director

2022 Recipient

Helen Porteous, Osgoode Township Museum.

Helen is a longtime volunteer board member at the Osgoode Township Museum, who also sits on several committees at the museum including the fundraising committee. Over the past couple years, Helen has taken on the gargantuan task of leading our Heritage Garden Committee in maintaining the museum’s 10,000 square foot heritage garden, as well as surrounding orchard & grounds. Helen sources local partnerships and sponsorships for in-kind donations to supplement the small gardening budget. She organizes and oversees the volunteers who work in the garden, adapting with the changes during Covid and leading the group through two spectacular gardening seasons that have become a haven for the surrounding community during these difficult times.

If you pop by the museum anytime during the spring, summer, or early fall you’re almost guaranteed to run into Helen, who will excitedly share tidbits of history, gardening information, or general enthusiasm with you, such as: “Come here and check out this Swallow Tail Caterpillar on our dill plants!” or “Have you seen these amazing Okra flowers?!” “Look how big our pumpkins are getting!” or “Come take some mint home with you!” Helen also takes the time to stop what she’s working on and chat with any visitor or member of the public who stops in at the garden.

Above and beyond the countless hours she spends cultivating the Museum’s Heritage Garden, Helen has also had a few major achievements while she’s volunteered with the museum! One such achievement includes solving a long time mystery of how the previously installed irrigation system works. A total game changer for gardening at the museum! Helen has also taken on the tedious task of harvesting seeds for our seed fundraiser, researching best harvesting practices, germination rates and information for packaging. She also times and harvests large amounts of produce in the fall for our Harvest Festival Take-Home Baskets. Thank you, Helen, for your immense contributions to our local community!