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Louise & Eric Moore Award

Louise & Eric Moore Award for Outstanding Heritage Volunteerism

Louise Moore accepting the inaugural Louise & Eric Moore Award at Heritage Day 2020.

Volunteers play a critical role on many fronts across our diverse and impactful heritage sector.  I was reminded of that in speaking with Louise Moore last year.  Louise’s husband, Eric, had recently passed away and bequeathed a donation to us.

Both Louise and Eric were dedicated volunteers at our past Bytown Days and Heritage Day events—warmly greeting and orienting participants and the public in French and English.

Born in the UK Lake District, Eric served on our Board from 2005-2007 and also volunteered with the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa for 25 years and with Friends of the Ottawa Public Library.

A former Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada employee, on retirement, he served as a volunteer president of the Friends of the Central Experimental Farm for 7 years, and on the CEF advisory council.  Louise too volunteered with the Friends of the Farm since their beginning.

At Heritage Day in 2020, the Capital Heritage Connexion presented the inaugural Louise & Eric Moore Award for Outstanding Heritage Volunteerism to Louise Moore.

2023 Recipient

Group of 5 people standing in a large room, one of them holding a framed certificate. The background show a grey stone wall with a wooden mural of light wood panels showing the different regions of Ottawa.

Ms. Nicole Fortier receiving the Louise & Eric Moore Award at Heritage Day on February 21st 2023. Photo credit: City of Ottawa

For over 40 years, Nicole Fortier has been involved as a volunteer in the creation and support of various organizations, initiatives and publications in order to promote the development of the Francophone community through various aspects of heritage. To achieve this goal, Ms. Fortier has used her qualities as a visionary, unifier and leader, while knowing how to obtain and maintain the support of the political class, the business world, the leaders of the educational world as well as that of the regional Francophone and Francophile community and more particularly the members of the organizations she co-founded.

Ms. Fortier, as well as the members of the SFOPHO (Société franco-ontarienne du patrimoine et de l’histoire d’Orléans), deserve to be recognized for their important contribution to the heritage of the Francophonie, both in the City of Ottawa and in the Orléans area in particular. As an example, here are some of the major heritage achievements that have contributed to the regional economic development and have been carried out by the SFOPHO, which Ms. Fortier co-founded in 2011 and of which she has been the very active president since then:

Thank you Nicole for your immense contribution to the Ottawa area heritage community!