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This Weekend in Heritage #TWIH (October 13-14)


Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure at the Diefenbunker, with Haunted Walks

This Halloween season, the Diefenbunker will once again partner with The Haunted Walk of Ottawa to present, Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure. Guests will be led on an interactive adventure with the undead, deep inside the labyrinth that is the Cold War Museum. This unique Halloween experience is a perfect combination of storytelling, interactive challenges, unexpected surprises and of course…zombies.


Briarcliffe Walking Tour with Heritage Ottawa

Briarcliffe is Ottawa’s “newest” Heritage Conservation District, and the first in Canada to recognize mid-20th Century modern architecture. This enclave of 23 unique homes began in 1959, when partners sharing modernist ideals of living in harmony with nature purchased 20 acres of rocky, topographically challenging land near the Ottawa River. Progressive architects of the day designed experimental homes in keeping with design covenants established to ensure visual cohesion of the neighbourhood and preservation of its spectacular natural landscape.