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The Château Laurier saga continues

The Capital Heritage Connexion hopes that everyone is finding ways to stay cool during the delayed, but extra hot, summer upon us. To beat the heat, consider visiting some of our Members’ indoor or evening time attractions and activities listed on our Calendar; many of our Members are known for their homemade ice cream and lemonade!


Continuing to be a hot topic in heritage is the very unpopular proposed addition to the iconic Château Laurier, as reflected in extensive national and local news coverage and social media activity.


Ottawans and Canadians have rallied to save the integrity of this landmark ‘castle’ in the heart of our Capital – overlooking Major’s Hill Park and the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yesterday, Heritage Ottawa announced a legal challenge supported by a GoFundMe campaign.


We trust that with the engagement of all levels of government and heritage stakeholders, an appropriate solution can be found!


Catherine Lindquist, Executive Director