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Remembrance Day & Counting on Culture

November 14, 2018

Canada’s Capital did our country proud in marking the 100th Anniversary of Canada’s Hundred Days and the Armistice at the end of World War I.  Our compliments to all who presented exemplary programming and pageantry to mark this important milestone and to all who participated in the activities.  Because of the brave who made such great sacrifices, we count our blessings.
Participants are currently being sought on the research front.  Please register to join the Ottawa Culture Research Working Group and the University of Ottawa Centre on Governance for the ‘Counting on Culture’ Symposium from 1:30-5:00 pm November 22nd at Ottawa University.  Ottawa’s culture sector contributes greatly to Ottawa’s economy and our enviable quality of life.  The half day symposium will provide an overview and discussion of key findings and insights from Ottawa’s most comprehensive development of culture indicators ever published.  All stakeholders and researchers involved with culture -arts, heritage, festivals, music, creative industries and tourism- who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of Ottawa’s culture sector are welcome.  Your input counts!
And please plan to participate in the Labour Market Information Study of the Cultural Labour Force 2019:  two surveys will be released in mid-November by the Conference Board of Canada in association with the Cultural Human Resources Council.  This is only the second time the cultural labour force has been the focus of such research and analysis -which will be drawn on for years to come to develop policies, strategies and programmes that will guide cultural activity in Canada.  Your validation counts!
Also ‘Noteworthy’, is the Bank of Canada’s upcoming launch of the new Ten dollar bill featuring Viola Desmond. Watch for it and plan to visit the related exhibit, “A Noteworthy Woman,” at the Bank of Canada Museum from November 30, 2018 to May 12, 2019.  Something special to count on.
Catherine Lindquist, Executive Director