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Public Archaeological Digs at Leamy Lake Park and the Moore Farm

As part of Archeology Month, the National Capital Commission (NCC) invites you to take part in an archaeological dig this August. Participate in digs at Leamy Lake Park and Moore Farm, at sites where archaeologists are working to learn more about the pre-contact period (i.e. prior to the arrival of Europeans).

Leamy Lake Park contains the largest pre-contact archaeological site complex in the Outaouais Region. Most of the sites were occupied between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago. The artifact collections recovered from these sites provide important information about past Algonquin First Nations cultural adaptations in Canada’s Capital Region.

The Moore Farm dig is centred on Broadview Cottage, which was built around 1900, and destroyed by fire in 1956. This dig is providing new insight into early 20th century farm life in the region.

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