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Our Museum Members’ online shops!

In case you missed #MuseumShopSunday, below are our Museum Members’ online shops with a small selection of offerings (click on the photos for pricing)!

Shop local this holiday season, and support our heritage community.


1. Dickinson House Museum

The Dickinson House Museum Christmas shop continues the long tradition of the early settlers in this area, who made their own Christmas gifts.  Their products come from original designs and are meticulously handcrafted; or in the case of their photo-art notecards and prints, they reflect the creative use of modern technology to craft compelling images with a heritage flavour.

 2. Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

In these strange and curious times the Diefenbunker’s line of Bunker apparel seems to have unique relevance with its tongue-in-cheek messaging.  You can “Take Shelter” and support your local bunker-turned-charitable-museum!

3. Goulbourn Museum

The Goulbourn museum shop offers many locally made products and a variety of branded products such as mugs, magnets, and pins!

4. Ingenium

Ingenium represents a collaborative space where the past meets the future in a celebration of creativity, discovery, and human ingenuity.  Under the Ingenium brand, three museums —the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum — offer a variety of products that reflect their mandates!

5. Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum’s virtual gift shop offers historic textile paraphernalia like bobbin and spindles, in addition to modern textile offerings!

6. Museopark

Vanier Museopark is proud to sell maple syrup produced in their very own sugar shack, as well as various maple based products ranging from sweets to beauty products.   Currently they are offering two baskets (one priced at 35$ and one at 60$) that feature many maple syrup products!

7. Osgoode Township Museum

The Osgoode Township Museum gift shop offers local history products such as Heritage seeds, Pioneer Family Volumes, Birth publications, Communion rolls, and so much more!

8. Watson’s Mill

Watson’s Mill’s annual Christmas Market has gone virtual! From now to December 13th, their virtual market is an easy way to support our local artisans and find your next holiday gift!

9. Workers’ History Museum

The Workers’ History Museum shop includes items such as historical postcards, books on labour organizing, and yearly calendars!