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Demolition of former Ugandan high commission gets go-ahead

April 24, 2018
CBC News

Ottawa’s planning committee overwhelmingly approved the demolition of a Sandy Hill building owned by the Ugandan high commission, despite new evidence that the high commission did not use money its government set aside to repair the building years ago.

Only Coun. Jeff Leiper voted against the demolition.

It’s the latest twist in the saga surrounding a two-storey, 1940s brick building that was once home to former prime minister Lester B. Pearson. He was living there with his wife Maryon in 1957 when he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The building has been the subject of three different reports — including one ordered by the city’s built heritage subcommittee — which all concluded that the structure is so far gone that it should be torn down. Even so, the subcommittee earlier this month voted against the demolition, angering the Ugandan high commissioner.

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