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‘Creepy experience’: Billings Estate is haunted (and it’s OK to be scared)

October 18, 2018
Ottawa Citizen

A mansion built over 200 years ago is the site of some spooky happenings this October.

The Billings Estate is a national historic site, built by the Billings family, who settled in 1812 and played an active role in shaping the Ottawa community.

And now it’s haunted.

At least until near the end of October.

Ottawans have four more chances to catch a chill at the Billings Estate Haunted House on the Hill: October 18,19, 26 and 27.

According to someone who knows the property intimately, Brahm Lewandowski, the Billings Estate Museum supervisor, “it’s beautiful during the daytime but once the lights turn down it’s a different experience.”

The eight-acre space also contains one of the oldest community cemeteries of well-known Ottawa pioneers.

You’ve been warned.

Who would you take to a haunted house?

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