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Conservation Treatment: Billings Estate National Historic Site

Billings Estate National Historic Site was the home of one of Ottawa’s founding families.  Through hard work and entrepreneurialism, Braddish and Lamira turned forest into farmland and realized the creation of a community

 “The Billings family were avid readers. Though it is not clear who owned each of the books, Charles Murray signed all of his, including this one which was signed in 1922.”
–    Billings Estate National Historic Site

Book entitled, “Later American Poems” soft cover with industrial bookbinding

Before Treatment: The book’s spine was damaged by fire in 1992. The paper covers and first pages were burned, causing them to detach. Soot and dirt are present on the covers. Small tears and folds are also evident

After Treatment: Burned material from the book was fused together with adhesive and the book was cleaned. Folds and tears were mended and the cover was glued with bookbinding glue


Preserving our Past: A Conservation Project