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Body, unearthed during LRT laid to rest

Kieran Delamont, Metro
October 1, 2017

The final body of the 79 discovered during construction on the LRT was laid to rest at Beechwood Cemetery Sunday, bringing to a close a four-year-long project that serves as a poignant rmeinder of the city’s rich history.

“We remember the past, and we honour those who laid the foundation for Ottawa,” said Mayor Jim Watson.

Watson was on hand alongside a number of faith leaders, from various denominations, for a ceremony remembering those originally laid to rest in Barrack’s Hill Cemetery, which was located in what is now downtown Ottawa.

“In terms of the 2017 sesquicentennial year, that as we look forward to who we wish to be, and as we reflect on who we are in the present day, it’s an opportunity to look back and recognize those who made us who we are today,” said city archivist Paul Henry.

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