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Huntley Township Historical Society

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the Huntley Township Historical Society has remained active and engaged with our members and the general community.

In the first round of quarantine or lock-down the focus changed from in-house to on-line research and then laneway drop-offs between Collection Committee members sourcing information from old Carp Reviews, actual and on-line, to facilitate the next step of transcription into our database of Deaths/Marriages in Huntley Township.

A member of the Collection Committee has contributed numerous interesting articles and photographs to a non-Society Facebook page (Carp Valley Vintage) that celebrates the history of the Carp Valley and surrounding area.

Our Society has continued to assist the general public with their requests about family history research and historical information on their property or business location using information from our own files and the membership.  This exchange of information has been accomplished through either e-mail or porch drop-offs.

We have transitioned to Zoom meetings…for General Meetings as well as Directors’ Meetings… thanks to the skills of Roger Thomas who has also continued updating our website.  As this pandemic continues, our Planning Committee has had to shift from speakers at General Meetings in the Carp Memorial Hall to online presentations via Zoom, so speakers who are comfortable with this method are being sought, and therefore our plan for 2021 has been changed.

We continue to meet ongoing pandemic challenges thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

Photo:  Colleen Good with the Huntley Township Historical Society’s Collection Committee.  
Photo: © Huntley Township Historical Society, 2020.