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City of Ottawa Archives

As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, the City of Ottawa Archives continues to deliver uninterrupted services to clients throughout the crisis.

The City of Ottawa Archives’ highest priority is our visitors, volunteers, and staff’s safety and well-being.  We have implemented robust safety measures to ensure all our staff’s well-being while providing access to records through online/alternative services.

While our facilities are now closed to the public, we continue to care for the collection.  Our buildings may be closed, but staff continue to monitor the records, vaults, environmental controls and data, while on site.

During this time, the Archives have successfully supported clients by adopting three key characteristics – adaptability, reliability, and a customer-first attitude, adjusting operational activities with little effect to partners and customers.

The city archives have engaged key audiences in emerging community-relevant projects throughout the pandemic.  Projects included:

Photo:  City of Ottawa Archives COVID-19 Collection Project, Black Lives Matter.  Photo: © City of Ottawa Archives, 2020.