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Submitted by: Alain Raimbault
Submitted by: BrentEdward Boter Rnman‎
Henrietta Muir Edwards, one of the Famous Five group on Parliament Hill and an 'honorary senator', raises her cup to toast the official acknowledgement in 1928 that Canadian women were legally 'persons' with the same status as men.

Submitted by: Robin Frost
This is a photo I took in February 2017 of a winter scene of Parliament Hill from one of the Alexandra bridge decorative statues along the walkway there.
I positioned the statue as if it is walking up to Parliament Hill and liked the composition it made for the photo.If you look close there are the names ""Romeo and Juliet"" written in black marker on the forward leg of the statue.

Submitted by: Gary Corcoran
Submitted by: Sanjita Patel
Canada was built with a mixture of many great people including Indigenous men and women. This Tipi was set up during last winters walk and in memory of the missing indigenous women, I was happy to capture this memory as it represents the old, the new and our history.

Submitted by: Roland Bast