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The National Gallery of Canada on an early October evening. I love this city and all it has to offer. Such a beautiful place to call home.

Submitted by:  Allison Mundle
Submitted by:  Sanjita Patel
All Saints Anglican Church on Richmond Road in Westboro.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
This is a photo I took in blue hour Sept 10th 2017 of the the Chateau Lafayette located in the Byward Market Ottawa, ON, CAN. It is the oldest pub in Ottawa and was opened in 1849, 18 years before the year of Confederation in 1867.

Submitted by:  Gary Corcoran
This is a photo I took in Sept 2017 of a long time well known bicycle shop, Pecco's. I remember in the late 1980s it was located beside the Rainbow Bistro club in the Byward Market and was called Pecco's Vellos.

Submitted by:  Gary Corcoran
Submitted by:  Shirley B. Coulthard
Submitted by:  BrentEdward Boter Rnman‎
Halls of the Parliament.

Submitted by:  BrentEdward Boter Rnman‎
Dalhousie and Guiges in the ByWard Market.

Submitted by:  Michel D Therien
Night falls on Ottawa / busy City that night, it was the arrival of the big Machines at the Cathedral.

Submitted by:  Francois Tremblay
Parliament Library

Submitted by:  BrentEdward Boter Rnman‎
Submitted by:  BrentEdward Boter Rnman‎
Submitted by:  Alain Raimbault‎
Reflection of Aberdeen Pavillion in restaurant.

Submitted by: Vivian Croll
Submitted by:  Vivian Croll
The beautiful patina on the East Block of Parliament.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
I like the shapes and lighting in the pedestrian underpass below Wellington Street above the Bytown Locks.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
Parliament and the McDonald-Cartier Bridge taken from the MosaiCANADA exhibit in Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
Shaw Centre on a partly cloudy day in September.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
The Canadian War Museum at LeBreton Flats. The small windows on the 'fin' at upper right spell out "lest we forget" in Morse code.

Submitted by:  Robin Frost
Submitted by:  Pascaline Colin
A photo I took Nov 8 2017 of a neat scene from MacDonald Garden's Park in Lower town East from atop the "Summer house" Hill that is in the west side of the park. This is the stone Gazebo on the the hill's peak.

Parliament Hill is directly lined up to the Summer House middle opening in the distance and the street heading towards Parliament in the photo is called Beausoleil St.

Maybe designed like this when it was constructed.

The sunset that night was really nice with a warm hue to it.

Submitted by:  Gary Corcoran
The beautiful new facade of the National Arts Centre.

Submitted by:  Sanjita Patel
The Bytown Locks with the water drawn down in anticipation of winter's freeze. I don't usually work in monochrome but I thought this was reasonably effective.

Submitted by Robin Frost