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Evocative Objects: Artefacts Unfolding Neighbourhoods

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Bytown At Your Fingertips

Bytown at Your Fingertips brings the early history of Canada’s national capital, prior to 1855 when Bytown was renamed Ottawa,  to everyone – from those with a casual interest in local history to those historians and scholars already familiar with the details of Bytown’s history. See more

Nepean: Our Neighbourhoods, Our Community

The exhibit explores the history of Nepean, right up to its annexation by Ottawa in 2001. See more

Helen Turner’s Minutes – An Early Meeting of the W.A.

This is just one of many gems that can be found in the recently published River, Road and Rail – Woodroffe Memories, a beautiful coffee-table book including over 300 photos, maps and other images on the history of Woodroffe. See more

Evocative Objects: Artefacts Unfolding Neighbourhoods

The exhibit explores the meaning of objects, both museum artefact and ordinary object, as things that matter as they connect us to the community we live in. See more

Barbara Ann Scott: Come Skate With Me

Ottawa-born skating sensation Barbara Ann Scott knew she wanted to skate from an early age. See more


A photographic initiative that invited people in Canada's Capital Region to share photos of Ottawa during its milestone 150th. See more

Qamutiik: From the North to Ottawa’s Southway Inn

Why does a hotel in Ottawa’s south end fly the flag of Nunavut? The answer to this question is a story of family, home, and community. See more