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Ottawa South

Early Settlement
The first group of settlers to Ottawa South arrived in 1814. Elkanah Billings was the first to settle, followed soon after by Abram Dow and his brothers Samuel and Johnathan. Several years later, in 1818, the settlers were joined by the Williams family who emigrated from Wales. Lewis Williams built a house on a plot of land located between Main and Bronson. In 1820, the house burned down and was replaced by the home that still stands at 96 Southern Drive.[1]

Later, in 1896, Henry Murchison Daugharty and Jannet Taylor were married. During that same year, Henry Murchison Daugharty Building Contractors built a house for the couple to live. The house was the second house to be built on Euclid Avenue in Ottawa South. The couple went on two have two daughters, Laura and Ethel. In 1905, there was a major extension added to the house.[2]

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Map of Ottawa South

Daugharty family portrait. (L-R: Henry Murchison, Ethel, Jannet and Laura), c. 1907, Beverley Louden

Henry Murchison Daugharty house on Euclid Ave pre-renovation, c. 1900, Beverley Louden

Daugharty house following renovation, c. 1905, Beverley Louden