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Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach was developed by the Minto development company in 1962. The company utilized access to the beach as a main draw in their promotional material for the development.[1]

There were two schools in Crystal Beach, Sir John A., the public school and St. Thomas, the separate school. Also, there were two parks, the playgrounds between the two schools and Corkstown Park (later named Stillwater Park), where the public swimming pool was located. However, Crystal Beach was lacking recreational facilities for adults. The Community Association decided to initiate the establishment of Crystal Beach Tennis Club. Eugene Fytche became the President of the club, his wife Nancy became Secretary and Gabby Nault was the Vice President and Treasurer. Early in the club’s operation members requested lighted courts. However, the club would have to finance the lights without the help of Parks and Recreation. In addition, Parks and Recreation notified the club president that lights would have to be mounted on concrete poles and all wiring had to be underground. The club had to take out a loan to cover these additional costs. Also, the membership worked tirelessly and installed the lights in just one day. As then club president, Eugene Fytche expressed ‘This tale of community effort underlines the presence of a pioneering spirit in a new subdivision, that allows things to be done to expand the quality of life when lawns are growing, back yards are muddy and parks are being developed.’[2]

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2. Eugene Fytche, Personal Interview, 2010.

Map of Crystal Bay

Northern Electric’s new home in Crystal Bay, 1961, Clarion