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Bytown At Your Fingertips

Bytown at Your Fingertips brings the early history of Canada’s national capital, prior to 1855 when Bytown was renamed Ottawa,  to everyone – from those with a casual interest in local history to those historians and scholars already familiar with the details of Bytown’s history.

The project presents research and images from the Bytown Museum’s artefact collection and historic archives. For those familiar with Lt. Col. John By and the construction of the Rideau Canal, the material is invaluable for creating a complete picture of the persons, places and events that shaped Bytown. The scholar of Ottawa’s early history can now consult this complete account of all available secondary sources in one tightly researched and written text.

When presented as a whole, the facts form an essential document of the formative years, specifically the years of 1826 to 1854, of Ottawa.

Our sincere thanks go to Robert Serré, for researching, compiling, and translating the text. Without his unlimited dedication and patience, it would have been impossible to attempt or complete this essential project on the history of early Ottawa.

Bytown At Your Fingertips is a collaborative project of the Bytown Museum and the Capital Heritage Connexion. The project was funded under the Museums and Technology Fund from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

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