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Featured Project

Evocative Objects: Artefacts Unfolding Neighbourhoods

See more

Resiliency:  Our Stories

To understand how our Members have rallied and pivoted through this pandemic paradigm shift, we asked a single question. See more

Notable Women of the Gatineau Valley

This virtual exhibit celebrates ten remarkable women of the Gatineau Valley. Spanning the years 1825 – 2015, the lives of these women differed greatly in many respects, but what they all have in common is the setting of the Gatineau Valley. See more

Exploring Lower Town Homes

This virtual exhibit invites you to wander Ottawa's Lower Town and learn the history of its houses! See more

A Noteworthy Woman

The exhibit tells the story of Viola Desmond, who was recognized on the most recent ten dollar bill for her role in Canadian Civil Rights Activism. See more

Ottawa’s Caribbean Domestic Pioneers

An Ottawa-based documentary on the Caribbean Domestic Pioneers whose contributions to the National Capital Region shaped Canadian history. See more

Face to Face

The exhibit shares the stories of prominent members of the Jewish Ottawan community who made an impact in the public service and the Canadian political landscape. See more

Albert Street – Ottawa’s Old Chinatown

The virtual exhibit maps out Albert Street's historic Chinatown, a neighbourhood where early Chinese immigrants settled in Ottawa. (Image: Bytown Museum 2014.004.01.137) See more

Virtual Tour – Bytown Museum

The Bytown Museum, in partnership with Point3D Commercial Imaging Ottawa, is excited to announce the launch of its virtual tour. Take a walk through our three floors of exhibitions, explore artefacts, and immerse yourself in the Museum – located in the Commissariat, Ottawa’s oldest stone building – from any computer or from our access terminal on the 2nd floor. See more