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Strengthening the Business Foundations

The Strengthening the Business Foundations (SBF) Project aimed to provide relevant and accessible training in fundamental business practices to heritage groups in the Ottawa Valley.  It was offered by CHC|CPC in partnership with the Renfrew County Museums Network, Lanark County Museums Network and Ottawa Museum Network, and was supported by a grant from the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, through the Department of Canadian Heritage.

SBF sought to increase the level of professional management, strengthen business practices,  and enhance organizational capacities within the diverse heritage community of the Ottawa Valley.  This was accomplished through the development of tools, training materials, and resource kits, as well as through the delivery of professional development workshops.

The SBF program finished in March 2014.  In total, 15 workshops were presented covering a wide variety of topics all centered around the following core themes:

• Strategic & Business Planning
• Financial Planning & Budgeting
• Project Management
• Evaluation/ Analysis Techniques & Strategies
• Marketing & Promotions
• Building Partnerships & Community Engagement