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Spooky Spotlight: October at a Glance

October is just around the corner, and Halloween candies have already been lining the shelves for quite some time now. Whether you plan on dressing up for the hair-raising holiday or not, here is an overview of what our members have in store for you this month:

The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa with Haunted Walk, from October 1 to November 30

Ghosts and the Gallows and The Crime and Punishment Jail Tour with Haunted Walk, year-round

Thanksgiving at the Farm at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, from October 6 to 8

Haunted House on the Hill at Billings Estate National Historic Site, from October 12 to 27

Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure at the Diefenbunker, from October 13 to November 3

Haunt Nights at Watson’s Mill, from October 18 to 20

CreActivity Club: Pumpkin carving at Vanier Museopark, on October 20

Victorian Séance at Pinhey’s Point, on October 20 and 27

Fairy Tale Frightfest at Billings Estate National Historic Site, on October 21

Haunted Horaceville at Pinhey’s Point, on October 21

Victorian Séance at Billings Estate National Historic Site, on October 21 and 28

Children’s Halloween Party at Watson’s Mill, on October 27

Haunted Richelieu Forest at Vanier Museopark, on October 27

Mansion Mayhem at the Goulbourn Museum, on October 28

Halloween Hijinks at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, on October 28

Pumpkin Party at the Nepean Museum, on October 28

Toddler Halloween Hunt at the Diefenbunker, on October 31

Fairfields Fright Night (Trick-or-Treating) at Fairfields Heritage House, on October 31