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Ottawa Rowing Club boathouse could become city’s next heritage building

May 6, 2018
CBC News

By the end of this week, the home of the Ottawa Rowing Club could be on track to becoming the city’s latest heritage building.

The City of Ottawa’s built heritage sub-committee is set to vote Thursday on whether or not to bestow the 120-year-old boathouse with a heritage designation.

The traditional timber-frame structure was built in 1898, and has played a significant role in Ottawa’s logging history, said Peter Thompson, president of the Ottawa Rowing Club.

“This part of the shoreline in the early 1800s would have been full of small boathouses that supported the logging industry on the river,” he said.

“This was a significant boathouse along the shoreline that, fortunately, we retained.”

Club dates to 1867

The Ottawa Rowing Club is the oldest of its kind in Canada. It was formed in 1867, the same year as Canada’s confederation.

Along with bragging rights, the designation comes with the ability to apply for an annual grant of $5,000 for maintaining the building, said David Jeanes, president of Ottawa Heritage.

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