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Ottawa is a City in Motion this weekend and all summer long

June 19, 2018
City of Ottawa

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City in Motion
Ottawa museums
Summer 2018

City in Motion explores all the ways Ottawa residents have travelled from point A to point B. Learn more about the region’s transportation history by visiting all four City in Motion exhibitions, each one expanding on a different theme.

From Rivers to Roads
Billings Estate National Historic Site
Wherever rivers, portages, and roads met, First Nations people and European settlers made their homes. Examine the significance of the Ottawa River for local travel and trade as well as the subsequent development of road systems that facilitated movement further inland.

From Paddlewheels to Railways
Pinhey’s Point Historic Site

Railways helped shape Ottawa’s urban geography; but, before railway transportation became the norm, many of this region’s riverside communities prospered as steamboat landings. Dive into the history of these important lifelines for farmers, merchants, and travellers alike.

From Railways to Highways
Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

The automobile brought with it major changes to daily commutes, leisure travel, infrastructure, and more. Explore the transportation links between Ottawa and its surrounding rural communities from passenger rail to modern highway networks.

From Streetcars to Buses
Nepean Museum

Horse-pulled streetcars were Ottawa’s first form of public transit. This exhibit interprets the growth of Ottawa’s streetcar suburbs and the evolution of public transportation in the city.

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