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Museum ready for its rebirth

Jesse Cnockaert, Metro
November 15, 2017

Science and technology museum re-opens with host of new exhibits.

After a three-year absence and $80 million, the Canada Science and Technology Museum will re-open Friday to show how innovation has made Canada into what it is today.

A massive 1,200 square foot LED canopy over the main entrance is the first spectacle that will greet visitors to the newly renovated museum, with much more waiting for them on the inside. The museum officially reopens its doors on Nov. 17, and it will be ready with new exhibitions and more than 2,900 artifacts.

“Our goal is not to ensure that anyone learn any particular scientific or historical fact during their visit. It’s that they leave more curious about science and technology and are driven to learn more,” said Christina Tessier, director general of the museum.

The museum closed in 2014 after the discovery of mould spreading from the building’s south wall.

One of the museum’s original attractions, the Crazy Kitchen exhibit, is still there, but it will be just one of 11 exhibitions.

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