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Heritage Resiliency

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the one-year mark of confirmation of the first case of the novel coronavirus in Ontario.  The beginning of an unprecedented pandemic period,  that challenges us still on so many fronts.  

Our Heritage community continues to face this unforeseen foe – with tenacity and true grit.  This is reflected in the theme for our upcoming Heritage Day event:  Resiliency:  relying on our Heritage foundations to hold strong and help us pivot in a changing present for the wellbeing of our future generations.  We invite you to join us and the City of Ottawa Cultural and Heritage Programs and Spaces Branch, as we recognize our Members’ resiliency.

Mark your calendars for Heritage Day 2021, February 16th from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.  Register now to be sent the links to the ceremony co-hosted by Mayor Jim Watson and me; and our heritage-themed interactive trivia event hosted by Pierre Brault (an edu-taining activity during these trying times, with prizes to be won).  Warm up by completing the Heritage Day quizzes in the Ottawa Citizen and le Droit the weekend before.

With new restrictions and closures in place, there is a continuing need to strengthen the capacities of Heritage organizations and businesses.  There are funding opportunities available with January and February deadlines, listed below.

As previously noted, given the continuing hardships of this year, we are again offering new and renewed Memberships FREE of charge in 2021.

Join us in continuing to build a resilient future together.

Catherine Lindquist
Executive Director