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Get to know the new Canadian $10 bank note

Perth Courier, Ottawa Valley News
August 23, 2018

Canada’s new $10 bank note will begin to appear in cash transactions late this year.

Designed to stand apart, it’s the first vertical note issued by the Bank of Canada, and features the portrait of social justice defender Viola Desmond.

Here’s what businesses and cash users need to know about this new $10 bill.

As with Canada’s other notes, the new $10 has bold security features, ensuring that Canadians can use it with confidence. That’s why the bank issues new notes — to stay ahead of counterfeiting threats and to keep pace with advances in technology.

But remember, bank notes are only secure if you check them. Routinely checking all notes — no matter which series or value — allows you to intercept counterfeits and keep them out of circulation.

The security features on Canada’s vertical $10 note are quick and easy to check:

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