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Free promotional opportunity through Canadian Geographic

For a number of years, CHIN has partnered with Canadian Geographic magazine to offer Canadian museums the opportunity to gain free exposure through the magazine’s contest “What’s This?”. The contest consists of a partial image of an object from a museum’s collection and an invitation to readers to attempt to identify the object. “What’s This?” provides an excellent opportunity for museums to highlight current or upcoming exhibitions through the submission of an associated image.

How does it work?

Museum staff send by email, a brief description of the object, the museum’s contact information, and a high-resolution image of the object, to Canadian Geographic magazine. Selections are then made based primarily on their relevancy to the theme of the upcoming issue. Successful applications will then have a detailed view of the image appear in an issue of the magazine; the full image and description will appear in the following issue. Museums are encouraged to include any relevant exhibition information in their description, up to a maximum of 100 words.


The next deadline for submissions is now January 8th, 2018. Please disregard the previous submission deadline of January 29th, 2018. There is no dedicated theme for this issue, therefore you may submit any interesting object from your collection.

Please send a photo and a short description (50 to 100 words maximum) of your object to Michela Rosano at [email protected].