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Diefenbunker Winter Spy Camp

Calling all curious kids. Are you looking for something fun to do before you go back to school. Parents are you looking for something for your kids to do during the break? We have 3 different days of activities that kids can sign up for. Dates are as follows:

Winter Spy Camp 2018

Wednesday, January 2nd – The Science and technology of the Cold War

Ever wonder how people used to call with a rotary phone? Or how did we get from a computer the size of a bedroom to one that can fit in your pocket? What is up with finger prints and how do we identify people with them? Come learn all about the science and technology that was developed during the Cold War.

Price: $50

Thursday, January 3rd – Coding through the Cold War

Throughout the Cold War many advances were seen. One of the biggest advances was in the world of coding. Many spies had to find different ways to send and receive messages. As the Cold War carried on, the trickier the spies had to become. Come and learn about popular codes like Morse Code, Pig Latin and all the different types not known by the public.

Price: $50

Friday, January 4th – Disguising like a spy

The art of disguise is a very important skill for a spy. Being able to do everything from blending in to changing identities makes a difference when you’re undercover. Come drop by the Diefenbunker to learn the basics of disguising in any situation. From changing uniforms to acting like a different person, learn tips to create the perfect disguise for anything.

Price: $50

Sign up is open now!

Each day is a $50 sign-up fee or if you would like to sign up your child for all 3 days it’s $120.

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