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Conservation Assessments

“The OMN members meet regularly to discuss ongoing projects and challenges. Through these meetings, a general need for collection conservation was identified. Collections at all the museums required assessments and conservation work was needed for artefacts at high risk for deterioration. The services of a professional conservator were required to complete this work but individual museums did not have the necessary resources to hire one.”
–    Ottawa Museum Network

Working together, the Ottawa Museum Network hired a conservator to conduct assessments for local museums. Assessments included a survey of environmental controls, storage recommendations, and suggestions for pest control, collection management, and emergency preparedness. The assessments are vital for future museum planning and decision making.

The conservator worked to educate museum staff on conservation methodology. Additionally, a Collections Care Guide including best practices guidelines for on-going conservation work was developed.

An on-site conservator provided museum staff, volunteers and Boards of Directors with insight into the importance of collection management and the need for timely conservation of at-risk artefacts.


Preserving our Past: A Conservation Project