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Capital Herstory

Freda Paltiel, [ca. 1965] Ottawa Jewish Archives, P-005

October is Women’s History Month. Take a moment to discover some of the impressive women who’ve contributed so much to the Capital region and beyond on our Ottawagraphy site. Like Freda Paltiel, recipient of the Order of Canada for her work advancing the status and welfare of women. And, a moment to share some of your favourites at #CapitalHerstory.

In a related vein of women working in history and heritage, we’re very pleased to welcome our Content Coordinator Natalie Hart to our Connexion team, with support from a Young Canada Works internship grant. Natalie has also been participating in our Capital Heritage Mentorship Program supported by the Ottawa Community Foundation. She looks forward to connecting with many of you!

We also encourage the Capital’s heritage community to come out and participate in the Defining Ottawa Together: Culture in the Official Plan Defining Ottawa Together: Culture in the Official Plan session October 17th at City Hall. Heritage and all things Cultural contribute and count for much in our Capital, and Ottawa’s new Official Plan should embrace and further foster that as we plan forward to 2036.

Our best wishes to All as you partake in your Thanksgiving traditions this long weekend!

Catherine Lindquist, Executive Director