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Back to School and Work

Many are heading back to school and work. And some emerging heritage and other cultural professionals are doing both -to make ends meet and/or to try to gain further experience or credentials to help launch their careers.

It’s challenging for young professionals to find their first footholds in the cultural sector. And, for some smaller not for profit cultural organizations to find the funds to hire them. When they do, they often find that after training them, the young professionals move on to larger federal or national organizations where salaries and benefits are significantly greater.

Our Council continues to lead initiatives to connect emerging and established heritage and other cultural professionals to foster mutually beneficial opportunities.
In 2015 we presented the Emerging Cultural Professionals Conference at City Hall which was very well received by 140 participants. In 2018 we launched a pilot Capital Heritage Mentorship Program directly connecting four established mentors with eight emerging mentees. In October, we’ll share the outcomes of this work at the Ontario Museum Association annual conference Collaborative Models for Millennial Engagement panel.

We’re also tracking funding and grant programs that could help our Members to hire and retain students and post-graduates.  And, we continue to work with our Ottawa Cultural Alliance colleagues to try to find ways to further leverage investment in our sector to help ease talent acquisition/retention and other challenges we face.

At the CHC, we’re pleased to currently have three strong emerging professionals on board – our full time Outreach Manager Kimberley Lai; and part-time Communications Coordinator Cassandra Marsillo and Project Coordinator Dany Guay-Belanger.

A related reminder: whether you’re an established or emerging heritage professional, don’t miss the rare opportunity to sign up for our Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) regional workshop Emergency Preparedness for Cultural Institutions which will take place October 17-18 at the City of Ottawa Archives.

Catherine Lindquist
Executive Director

Photo:  Interiors of Overbrook Public School. City of Ottawa Archives CA034586