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Achievements in 2019 and Plans for 2020

CHC President, Chrissie Unterhoffer with Member, Robert Yip, at the Heritage Holiday Social. PHOTO: Natalie Hart

We were delighted to host our annual Gathering of Members and Heritage Holiday Social, together with a heritage ‘In-Sites’ tour at the Canadian Museum of History (CMH) on December 3rd.  And, were most appreciative that the CEO of both the CMH and the Canadian War Museum, Mark O’Neill, provided inspiring remarks; and CMH Director General Jean-Marc Blais and Chantal Amyot Senior Director, Exhibitions and Visitor Experience provided guided tours of the impressive Canadian History Hall.

Our new Acting President Chrissie Unterhoffer introduced herself.  She brings to our helm her passion for and experience in heritage, including her current position as CMH Corporate Secretary and Director of Strategic Planning, and Chief Information and Privacy Officer.  Chrissie also thanked our outgoing President Kelly Eyamie and Treasurer Justin Labelle, and our dedicated staff, for their contributions, and highlighted some of our achievements in 2019 and plans for 2020.

One of those achievements was our second highly successful Capital Heritage Mentorship Program which we wrapped up in November.  Chrissie served as one of our amazing Mentors.  Thanks to the support of the Ottawa Community Foundation, this year’s program was expanded so that 2 of our 8 mentees were also provided with paid summer internships with their Mentors.  The Mentees’ and Interns’ presentations about their achievements through the program and their Mentors’ testimonials were effusive and touching to hear.  In addition to working with their Mentors, the emerging professionals participated in:  a Landing the Job Workshop, an Ask the Experts Panel, a pilot of a guided tour at the Bank of Canada Museum, presented by one of the Mentees, followed by a networking dinner hosted by the Connexion, a tour of Library and Archives Canada and a conservator’s box making workshop.  We hope to present the program again in 2020.

To assist us with managing such programs and other initiatives, we are seeking a Program Manager to join our team – please share with your networks!

We look forward to serving and supporting our Members and the Heritage community in 2020.  To become one of our valued Members, follow this link to submit your application.

Happy Heritage Holidays to All!

Catherine Lindquist,
Executive Director