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10 Reasons you have to go to Ottawa now: Canada’s Capital of Cool

Jordan Atkins,
November 18, 2017

Even cooler than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and just as beautiful – Ottawa City in Canada has long been erroneously overshadowed by nearby Toronto and Montreal. That however is all changing as in recent years Ottawa has developed it’s own distinctive character which means it now rightfully deserves to be on the top of your Canada Bucket List. With nature, food, history and more, find out why Ottawa is fast becoming Canada’s Capital of Cool!

While many questioned Queen Elizabeth’s wisdom when she chose Ottawa as Canada’s capital in 1857 – 160 years later, its seems her choice has been vindicated as Ottawa has since been transformed into a thriving metropolis, home to many of Canada’s best museums but working hard to maintain an identity outside of being ‘just another capital’. Today Ottawa is actually the 4th biggest city in Canada with a booming high-tech business sector and a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe. There are plenty of multicultural local neighbourhoods to explore – many of which are easily walkable from the city centre – and stunning views to be had whether it’s of the Ottawa River, Rideau Canal or the unique cityscape vantage points. Situated right on the boarder of English-speaking Ontario and French-speaking Quebec, Ottawa is the only truly bi-lingual city in North America and represents a unique opportunity to understand Canada. Of course there are many, many more reason why to go to Ottawa but  let me just start by giving you these top ten reasons to go to Ottawa now!

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